Electronic Voucher Distribution Software Ethiopia

Electronic voucher distribution Software Ethiopia can be launched with Ethio Telecom VAS license.

Ethiopia is having great potential to sell vouchers using pos terminal. We are pioneer in providing evd system in Ethiopia to start voucher distribution and manage enterprise voucher purchase and sell with effective management of distribution under your dealer distribution network. We deliver an E-voucher distribution system with bulk voucher sales, API connectivity for voucher generation, terminal management system and e-voucher printing via m-pos.
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Electronic Voucher Distribution Software Ethiopia

Import and distribution ethio telecom vouchers seamlessly using advance electronic voucher distribution system by MoboGage

mobile topup software

Ethio Telecom SFTP Flow

We directly import vouchers from SFTP to the admin panel and keep them encrypted for better security. Pins will be printed via POS terminal and use a decryption algorithm.

prepaid voucher distribution

Distribution Channel Management

Now configure your own incentive plan for Distribution channel management. Confugure your incentive for dealers and retailers.


Our Applications

Mobile money applications of MoboGage are really robust, easy to use and scalable for multi service platform including voucher distribution system, evd system , Mobile Payment and Mobile Wallet Systems. Team of MoboGage deliver great experience every time for Telecom VAS, Voucher Management Systems and Mobile Recharge Applications. We are using blockchain features with our mobile wallet applications to ensure better security and scalability of system.


Electronic voucher distribution also know as evd software or pin based airtime distribution software system.

VMS Software

Voucher Management system for telecom VAS application with voucher generation to voucher redeem life cycle.

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payment platform includes mobile money and mobile wallet software like M-Paisa on Telecom VAS.


M-POS effectively manage prepaid airtime, EVD Software, mobile payments, mobile top up and utility payments

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Voucher Distribution System Flow

Interactive and user friendly flow to manage all your payment system requirements.
Reseller APP Dashboard

Quick and Easy electronic voucher distribution app

Reseller Profile Manager

Everything is just a touch away from profile to finance.

EVD Software App
Multi Service Platform

Manage e-topup, voucher distribution, mobile payments and more

Electronic voucher distribution Software Operator denomination
Denomination Selection

Select denomination of voucher or enter your own selection.


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Electronic Voucher Distribution System Features

A complete 360-degree voucher management system that includes inventory management, Terminal Management, Distribution network management, Commission and Offer settings, Import of vouchers directly from Ethio Telecom SFTP. Android and POS application with a single voucher and bulk voucher printing, offline voucher sales and much more.

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Voucher Management System

Voucher Management system helps to manage voucher generation in batches with customized business rules.  AI driven features for low stock alerts, auto stock generation via API, User stock management and much more.

Paper voucher printing with voucher management system

Distribution Network Management

Create an unlimited level of distribution hierarchy in your EVD system and configure pre defined commission structure to ensure benefits for retailers and distributor network.

Assign terminal and manage offline voucher sales with pos terminals using advance EVD system in ethiopia

Electronic voucher distribution software Ethiopia

Advanced EVD Software

 Voucher Distribution system with powerful back-end ERP help you to get instant low stock alert of denominations, AI and ML based fraud alerts helps to track statistics of platform. Reporting and graphs are much advanced to analyze business growth and helps to take instant decisions.

EVD system dashboard

Electronic Voucher Distribution

All vouchers which are available in voucher inventory can be ordered from POS or mobile application as well as from Web, SMS and USSD platforms. This voucher distribution system will work in Online and offline mode to deliver compatibility in low internet area.

EVD software account summary

Deliverables in EVD Software

Explore all available features and add-on options with Mobo-EVD platform
Wallet Features



  • Direct Fund Transfer
  • Payment Gateway
  • Fund Request
  • Fund Reversal
  • E-Wallet API
  • Wallet Statement
  • Transaction Report
  • Credit Limit
  • Partial Payment Collection
  • Prepaid Commission On Wallet Transfer
User Feature



  • Unlimited User Ranks
  • Multiple Plan Setting
  • User Commission Settings
  • Down line Manager
  • Google Map Tagging
  • Support Ticket
  • User Import Feature
  • User Service Manager
  • User Wallet Summary
  • User Stock Management
Inventory Feaure



  • Admin Orders
  • Import Vouchers in CSV, XLS, TXT
  • Voucher Generation via API
  • Voucher Encryption
  • User Orders
  • Track Pin Installation in POS
  • MIS Report Manager
  • Automated Order Generation


We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Team of MoboGage is really experienced and energetic. They are always punctual and supportive. We have designed our electronic voucher distribution software for Dubai and they have deliver a great experience. We are now live with Ethio Telecom voucher distribution.  We are using android terminal to print vouchers of ethio telecom which is working in offline and online modes. Bulk printing is most loved option of Payit.

We really recommend MoboGage for any FinTech development and voucher management system.

Samuel Tesfaye

Payit Communication Technology PLC
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Possible Add-on Integrations

We deliver more value than we take
Event Ticketing

Its a combination of voucher management system and electronic voucher distribution (EVD). Application also validate valid tickets based on voucher class and redeem rules.

Offline Terminal

Applications like Bus Ticketing, Parking voucher system require POS with offline voucher compatibility.Mobo-EVD sync all offline sale with web cloud at day end.


Branch less banking with M-POS helps to Open Bank account, create bank deposit, complete E-KYC with branch-less banking system with M-POS.

Cross Border
Forex Transfer

Extend your Mobile wallet software for cross boarder Forex transfer like Western union, Xoom, MoneyGram. Send payment to your friends and family in any country.

International Money

International money transfer helps to send money in any worldwide bank account instantly using global International money remittance API. 

Digital Sim Activation
With E-KYC

Digital Sim Activation system offers electronic KYC feature to instantly get sim card from Sim dispensing kiosk or Mobile POS. Digital sim activation helps to reduce paper work and deliver high accuracy.

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Currently We are leading EVD application development company in Ethiopia with 6 successful deployment of Evd software in Ethiopia . Telecom companies in Ethiopia are also promoting voucher distribution via pos to reduce the cost and increase the reach of Ethio Telecom Voucher management in remote area as well as urban areas. Ethio Telecom providing VAS license to private companies to start electronic voucher distribution business.

Tanzania is a promising country for mobile money and voucher distribution. Companies are working in Tanzania to distribute Airtime, Mobile payments, mobile money wallet and more over a single digital wallet system.

Leading Telecom Companies in Tanzania.

RankOperatorCustomersMarket Share
1 Vodacom14,143,65732.42
Source Wikipedia

Afghanistan is heaven for telecom business for great margins for mobile top up API. Prepaid airtime distribution is high on demand with a collection of all effective telecom companies in Afghanistan. Multi recharge companies like KYDSC are working in almost all provenience in Afghanistan and they are major seller of mobile top up in Afghanistan.

Airtime Distribution companies in Afghanistan

  • Etisalat Afghanistan
  • MTN Afghanistan
  • Roshan Afghanistan
  • AWCC Afghanistan
  • Salaam Afghanistan
Electronic Voucher Management System or EVD Software in Zambia with a collective service distribution of all telecom companies in Zambia. Zambia is almost vacant market with full of opportunities right now. Distribution of prepaid airtime and voucher over pos is very effective to start.

Telecom Companies in Zambia

  • AfriConnect Zambia
  • Airtel Zambia
  • MTN Zambia
  • Zamtel
Our Voucher distribution system helps to distribute voucher over pos and mobile apps using API connectivity for mobile topup and physical upload for voucher distribution.

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
NFC payment terminal for evd

We are here to deliver 12 years of experience in electronic voucher distribution and voucher management system.

We are eager to associate more smiles in mobile payment system and voucher distribution. Our flexible mobile wallet software deliver state of the art experience for QR code based payment, Prepaid voucher distribution, EVD software, mobile topup software and more payment systems.

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Voucher Management system
MoboGage offers a voucher management system with electronic voucher distribution software. It helps to deliver vouchers using POS machine, via Bluetooth Printer, Voucher delivery on Email and over customer mobile number as well.

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